Sunday, December 30, 2007

Altitude With Attidude - My Personal Achievement

It may seem impossible t0o you but if youhave a goal of accomplishing something BIG then I'd like to hear about it. There are so many things each individual has to overcome after being diagnosed with MS, but you can't let this disease take over your enrire life.

I always wanted to ge parasailing but figured, since I can't swim out to the boat and it would be tough to put on all the gear, that I never would. My family had other ideas about it and decided that this should be something I will do. When I went down to Florida to visit my husband's Aunt and boyfriend, they had already scoped out every detail of this adventure(including where to part, how to get to the beach, what boat to use, and how to get out there), and I went parasailing.

What a glorious 20 minutes that was. Feeling so free up above the high rise condos that surrounded this beach and engulfed into the deep blue sky. I did not have a care in the world and was mad when they began to winch us down.

I can still remember the adventure and, when I'm having a bad day, I think about that 20 minutes and feel better. I definately experienced 'altitude with attitude'.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

These Are My Achievements, Now It's Your Turn

This site is intended to show how to overcome and achieve. The world is a big place and you may feel small and inadequate. Dealing with a disability creates and extra hurdle but it also makes you more determined to show that you do have a place. Follow along with us as I highlight Those who have gone above and beyond and achieved a level they worked very hard to reach.

This site is not just about the magnificent, once in a lifetime, 15 minutes of fame. These individuals share their disabilities, what they deal with on a daily basis, and what their goals are. Follow along with how they overcame their daily challenges to achieve their goal.


There's no better place to start than with myself. As outlined in my profile I've had MS for over 24 years. When I was diagnosed I want from walking to drop foot, to a cane and a shoulder to hang on to within 18 months. These were just disturbances and I perservered through them. Do not think that I was doig this on my own. My suport group included my entire fanily, my wonderful husband, and good friends, even the friends I met going to Class. I became a Brownie Leader and never missed a choir concernt, sports game, play, or PTA conference. I was able to secure a job at the MN State Bar Association and conceived, built, and managed a successful affinity program. I worked for the Rehabilitation Services Depatment with our County government center trying to educated local businesses on the benefits of hiring individuals who had mental and physical disabilities, and then used my skills and knowledge to be the Marketing Manager at two small businesses.

Goals Achieved:
Finish School
Raise MyFamily
Get and Succeed in a Job

Did I stop there? Heck no. I also learned how to design and build stained glass windows. I have been doing this for nine+ yeears and have created some pretty cool windows:
Such as this wolf pair which are handing in my Dentist's office

This hanging panel displayed in
Dr. Randy Schapiro's Office

Or this special window, sponsored by the Champions of Courage through Betaseron. This hanging panel is at the MS Achievement Center in St. Paul, MN.

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